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Business Analytics

In this digital era where most of the data is being stored on electronic devices instead of bulky files, it would be unwise to not uncover some of the interesting patterns or insights that can boost your business fortune to the next level. Oracle business analytics solution helps organizations in better decision making to scale their business operations further. This business intelligence solution provides pre-built solutions for a wide array of users in smart, innovative ways to see data signals. It is available on premises and on the cloud.


Our Offerings

Oracle Business Analytics

Altering industries’ operations and decision style. Our industry-specific solutions help establishments predict the future.

Business Intelligence Cloud Service

Agile Business Intelligence in the cloud for everyone.

Oracle Business Intelligence Apps

All on one common BI Foundation.


Easy to read user interface with drag-and-drop functionality.

Internet Of Things

Rise new data-driven insights and drive actions from Internet of Things (IoT).


Collaborative mode for lightweight data analysis.

Informed Decision

Better alignment with business strategy.

Better Insights

Data visualization through comprehensive charts and graphs.


Why Choose Consult America

Consult  America is an Oracle Platinum Partner who has expertise in implementing a wide range of Oracle solutions including supply chain and ERP domain. We have plenty of skilled manpower on our board who can help you create a flexible, adaptable and integrated supply chain through advanced cloud solutions. If you are looking to innovate supply chain processes, bring products to market faster and improve customer experience, Consult America  has the answer to all your questions.


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