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Value Chain Planning

The supply chain sector is expanding rapidly, and if reports about supply chain management solutions are to be believed, they will have a significant impact on how sectors like food and beverage, industrial, health care, electronics, transportation & logistics, automotive, aerospace & defence, etc. will look in the future. Oracle provides cutting-edge supply chain management (SCM) solutions that can adapt to the changing demands of the ever expanding supply chain sector.

Consult America presents a range of SCM solutions that may allow any firm to accurately estimate demand and supply, synchronise worldwide operations, and reach revenue and profit targets through a range of best-in-class procedures.

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One of the few implementation partners with complete end-to-end Oracle ERP cloud management experience for the finance sector is Consult America. All business operations, including those supported by Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud and Oracle SCM Cloud, are supported by our expertise. Our Fusion Cloud practice collaborates closely with Oracle to provide our clients with top-notch solutions.

Advanced Supply Chain Planning

It makes it possible to carry out comprehensive plans, from short-term specific schedules to long-term aggregate planning.

Demand Management and Forecast Tuning

It makes possible an automated forecasting approach that maps demand forecasting against a number of causative elements at the same time.

Strategic Network Optimization

It enables you to plan entire supply network with agility.

Inventory Optimizatio

In order to maximise your inventory investment decisions, it takes into account supply, demand, limitations, and unpredictability in your extended supply chain.

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As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Consult America specialises in delivering a broad range of Oracle solutions, particularly those related to supply chain and ERP. With our extensive pool of highly qualified personnel, we can assist you in establishing an integrated, flexible, and adaptive supply chain by utilising cutting-edge cloud solutions. Consult America provides all the answers whether you’re trying to improve customer experience, revolutionise supply chain procedures, and get products to market more quickly.

Value Chain Planning

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