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In the supply chain, precise forecasting aids organisations in achieving their goals rather than providing larger benefits on its own. Because accurate forecasting aids in the creation and enhancement of your strategic strategies as well as the expansion of your market knowledge. Furthermore, less safety stock is needed the more precise the projection. Higher service levels and reduced inventory levels will be the result of a more accurate forecast. Increased service quality will result in incredibly happy clients and long-term loyalty. The most accurate projections are produced using Oracle Demantra’s proprietary Bayesian analytical forecast engine. Forecast tuning is the process of constructing models and selecting the best parameters to provide both qualitative and quantitatively “good” forecasts.


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As an Oracle Platinum Partner, Consult America specialises in delivering a broad range of Oracle solutions, particularly those related to supply chain and ERP. With our extensive pool of highly qualified personnel, we can assist you in establishing an integrated, flexible, and adaptive supply chain by utilising cutting-edge cloud solutions. Consult America provides all the answers whether you’re trying to improve customer experience, revolutionise supply chain procedures, and get products to market more quickly.

Oracle Demantra

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