Advancing technology research and development.

In order to give teams the opportunity to communicate, test, and showcase the newest emerging technologies, work together with partners, and prototype cutting-edge solutions, Consult America makes investments in R&D and its Emerge Labs. Consult America labs let clients see how these solutions will safely integrate throughout their company and are matched to particular agency or technological capabilities.

Customized Solutions

We are aware that every company is different. Our consulting services are customized to meet your unique needs and objectives.

Results-Driven Approach

Our specialty is delivering yourOur goal is to produce observable outcomes. Together, we put solutions into action that provide quantifiable results.

Client-Centric Philosophy

Our top priority is your success. At every step of the consulting process, we place a high value on candid communication and teamwork to guarantee your pleasure.

Experienced Team

Take advantage of our seasoned advisors' years of industry experience and their expertise.

Why Choose Us

The goal of consulting america is to aid government agencies in finding the solutions and technologies they need to exceed mission goals.

Emerge Innovation Center

We work with our clients and commercial technology partners to develop prototypes in the Emerge Innovation Center (EIC) at Consult Ameirca  headquarters in Falls Church, Virginia. The EIC is concentrated on the advancement of cutting-edge technologies like cyberspace, cloud computing, 5G, software development, and artificial intelligence/machine learning, as well as our portfolio of Digital Accelerators.

Cyber and Zero Trust Emerge Lab

Our cyber professionals, architects, and systems engineers at Consult America Cyber and Zero Trust Emerge Lab collaborate with top technology partners to develop and test cutting-edge solutions that help clients build and strengthen their cyber and zero trust capabilities.

Using this lab, Consult America was able to quickly construct a working prototype of its Identity, Credential, and Access Management system for the Department of Defense in less than 45 days. The DoD's cybersecurity policy and its eventual push toward a zero-trust architecture rely heavily on ICAM. After the pilot program was successfully completed, it is now in full production.

5G and Advanced Wireless Emerge Lab

A 5G environment is run by Consult America where wireless technologies and applications can be tested and showcased. Consult America can verify ideas in the 5G Emerge Lab prior to production by simulating customer settings and combining cellular and network technologies from various industries. Clients are able to see how mobile devices on both public and private 5G networks may safely link and safeguard 5G-capable devices, information, and apps throughout the entire company.

DeepSky Lab

The Consult America DeepSky lab is a testing ground where groups can work with academic and technological partners to create cutting-edge ideas and prototypes using high-performance computing and artificial intelligence.

Through low-to-high development, the lab facilitates software development for the geospatial intelligence community, enabling solutions to be built in unclassified environments and then moved into classified space. Our customers save money because to this development method, which also enables agencies to swiftly deploy fully proven capabilities.

Biometrics and Identity Lab

Agencies must keep ahead of the curve and satisfy the changing requirement for identity and credentialing in order to preserve national security. Cloud-native solutions using cutting-edge AI and machine learning are created by Consult America Biometrics and Identity Emerge Lab to assess both classic and emerging biometrics, such as voice, eyes, veins, palms, fingerprints, and faces. Through full-scale biometric identification vetting and verification systems, these cross-agency integrated capabilities facilitate intelligence sharing and facilitate travel at ports of entry.


Transform and accelerate your mission.

Transform into a next-generation digital organization with scalable and quickly deployable solution platforms and services that satisfy your specific mission requirements. Integrate robust cybersecurity and become data-driven.
Our services and solutions are designed especially for federal and defense operational environments, from the enterprise to the edge, and have been tested and validated in Consult America Emerge Labs.