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Oracle CPQ Cloud

Customers’ purchasing habits are ever-evolving, and businesses depend on their tools to assist their sales teams. Any company’s connection with its clients depends on producing accurate quotes, and any errors in price or terms could result in significant losses. Whether your company is selling bundled solutions, complicated product configurations, or customised services, we give your sales staff the tools they need to produce precise quotes fast, optimise the sales process, and increase revenue. Oracle CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Cloud is the top solution made especially for service providers; it streamlines your convoluted sales configuration and quoting operations.

Why Consult America?

Consult America offers a complete solution to improve sales operations as an Oracle Cloud implementer. By examining workflows and product setups, our team provides customised services to match the demands of each customers. We are experts at setting up the system, expediting the pricing and quoting processes, and enabling precise sales quotes. By utilising our proficiency in deploying Oracle CPQ Cloud, companies may maximise sales productivity, minimise misquotations, and provide customised quotes to clients. Because of our commitment to providing excellence, businesses looking to improve customer happiness and sales effectiveness using Oracle CPQ Cloud can rely on us as a dependable implementer.

Our Work Process in Oracle CPQ Cloud

Configurable Products and Services

Dynamic Pricing and Discounting

Guided Selling

Quote Generation and Proposal Management

Best-in-Class Integration Capabilities

Analytics and Reporting

Advisory Services

We have seasoned data scientists on our team with experience in a range of businesses and topics.


We offer complete data science services, from gathering and preparing data to deploying models.

Integration and Development

customised data science solutions to meet your specific company objectives and difficulties.

Managed Services

Ensuring privacy, security, and regulatory compliance are of utmost importance to us, along with ethical data processing.

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The goal of consulting america is to aid government agencies in finding the solutions and technologies they need to exceed mission goals.

Oracle CPQ Cloud

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