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Oracle Transportation Management

Transportation expenses are becoming a larger percentage of the cost of goods sold as a result of a number of issues that businesses confront today. These challenges include rising fuel costs, new regulatory obligations, and increasingly global operations with higher levels of lead time variability. The biggest single expense in logistics is transportation, which is usually nearly twice as expensive as warehousing and inventory. In order to effectively manage a company’s supply chain network and maintain the flexibility necessary to satisfy constantly increasing client demand, an effective transportation management system is required.

Oracle Transportation Management

A comprehensive feature set is offered by Oracle Transportation Management (OTM) to handle all aspects of transportation management, from planning to execution. Shippers and third-party logistics providers can benefit from this. All forms of transportation—road, air, sea, and rail shipments—are integrated and streamlined into a single application for transportation planning, execution, freight payment, and business process automation. Oracle offers OTM as a cloud application (SaaS) or on-premises.


Transportation Management

Order Management for Transportation Rate Management for Carriers and Customers Transportation Administration Reservation and Bidding Business Process Automation, Event and Visibility Management, Reporting, and Document Management

Trans Operational Planning

Plan and carry out all modes of transportation, including dynamic load-building, both domestically and internationally. Optimisation of Shipments Selecting a Carrier and Mode Cross-docking and Pooling Routing in Multiple Legs Travel Route and Return Planning

Trans Cooperative Routing

Examine Shipping Trends Establish the Ideal Fleet, Dedicated, and Common Carrier Usage Combination Find Opportunities for Continuous Movement Establish the Ideal Fleet Size Distribute Fleet Resources at the Appropriate Time and Location.

Freight Payment, Billing, and Claims

Rate, Match, Payment, and Bill Support for Purchase and Sale Viewpoints Compute Expenses and Determine Revenue Define and Implement Rules for Cost Allocation Assign Expenses to GL Accounts Establish and Handle Claims Assist Every Mode

Transportation Intelligence

User-defined Transportation Metrics Configurable Reports and Dashboards Ad-hoc Querying and Reporting Monitor Against Targets, Benchmarks, and Forecasts Drill Down from Metrics into Operational Data Role-based Alerting and Notification

Forwarding and Brokerage Operations

Quote Capture Quote-to-order Lifecycle Management Manage Bookings, House/Master Bills, FCR, Shipping Instructions, and More Consolidated Bills/Invoices Integrated Trade and Transportation Flow Document Management

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Oracle Transportation Management

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